Rabbi Getz’s synagogue opposite the Holy of Holies

Purposes of use:


  1. The synagogue is intended for prayers only and not for lectures and events.
  2. Morning prayers will take place at the site at sunrise by the disciples of the late Rabbi Getz from the Bet-El Mekubalim Yeshiva.
  3. Midnight Tikkun Hatzot prayers will take place at the site by prior arrangement.
  4. Prayers of bridegrooms on the day of their wedding.
  5. Prayers in times of trouble, by prior arrangement.
  6. Prayers on days when the main prayer plaza is closed.
  7. Prayers that are organized by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
  8. Bar-mitzvah prayers when the weather is extreme on a space available basis and subject to possibilities of access that do not affect tours of the Western Wall Tunnels.
  9. Bar-mitzvah prayers for donors who have donated more than $10,000 to the activity of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
  10. Bar-mitzvah events at which persons who require security participate.
  11. The entry of individual worshippers will be allowed up to a maximum of ten persons provided that there are no organized prayers taking place on the site.


Rules of use:


  1. The prayers will take place in the style and according to the customary rules in the prayer plaza at the Western Wall.
  2. The place is limited to 30 people at the same time, subject to safety rules and procedures.
  3. Exceptional cases will require the approval of the Ceremonies Committee of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. To submit a request to the Ceremonies Committee, click here.
  4. To submit a request to reserve Rabbi Getz’s synagogue, click here.


Western Wall Heritage Foundation, Registered Amuta

2 HaOmer Street, The Old City, Jerusalem, 97500

Tel. 02-6276777 • Fax. 02-6264828 • www.thekotel.org.il[email protected]

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