Join Us For An Amazing Adventure On A Moving AR 360° Tour With Your Own Guide

The Western Wall Tunnels in AR 360°

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation is proud to present the “Western Wall Tunnels in AR 360°”. A live AR 360° experience from the comfort of your very own home. The Tunnels were filmed using a state-of-the-art Augmentedl Reality technology that allows you to take a full tour of these famous Tunnels without getting up from your couch. Join us for an amazing adventure on a moving AR tour with your own interactive personal guide that will take you to hidden underground treasures that convey the fascinating history of the Jewish nation in Jerusalem.

The tour is suitable for groups and combines film clips along with unique illustrations that give a Augmented Reality tour that make it feel & seem so real. Your guides on this tour are very professional and will be there for any questions you may have with personalized responses.
Join us today for a AR 360° walk through the entire route of the Western Wall Tunnels.
Visit hidden underground spaces; stand in the closest we can currently stand facing the Holy of Holies and parts of the project that cannot be physically visited today by the public.

About The Tour

A  special AR 360° experienc

A live personal guide

Length of the tour will be an hour

Suitable for groups

Full tour without leaving the house

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Amis et frères juifs résidents en France vivants en ces derniers temps des jours compliqués de violence et de saccages , nous vous invitons à formuler ici vos prières qui seront imprimés et déposées entre les prières du Mur des lamentations .