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Young Guides Program

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Young Guides Program

“Young Guides”: A Tour of the Western Wall Tunnels and the Chain of Generations Center Led by the Bar Mitzvah boy

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers a unique opportunity to Bar Mitzvah boys: Lead a tour for their family members in one of the Western Wall sites – the Tunnels or the Chain of Generations Center.

Every visit to one of the Western Wall’s sites carries within it an emotional experience that connects participants to the history of the Jewish People and their chain of generations. When the tour participants are the family members and close friends of the Bar Mitzvah boy, and the honoree is the guide, the experience is exponentially strengthened. Leading the tour brings the Bar Mitzvah boy to a mature, leadership status and demonstrates the new responsibilities he accepts by reaching the age of the observance of mitzvot (commandments). Simultaneously it strengthens their connection to the roots of the Jewish People through the generations.

Guiding the tour of the Western Wall

site requires advance preparation and includes 2-3 meetings with an experienced guide in order to study and become familiar with the material needed for the content and leading of the tour. Part of the work can be done via the Internet and Skype, and with the help of instructional videos. Before the actual tour, a general practice session will be held at the site.


6-8 weeks before the event


  • Cost of Tutorial (not including the price of entrance to the site as listed below):
  • Western Wall Tunnels – 840 NIS paid by credit card when registering (twins or joint bar/bat mitzvah additional 250 NIS)
  • Chain of Generations Center – 645 NIS paid by credit card when registering (twins or joint bar/bat mitzvah additional 250 NIS)
  • Cancellation of meeting in advance: credit of 150 NIS.  Not showing up to a meeting: full charge
  • Entrance fees to sites will be collected on the day of the event according to the number of participants at full price – (15 NIS per child/ 30 NIS per adult)

The tour can accommodate up to 35 participants. The cost does not include entrance fees for the group on the day of the event.

The Young Guides Program is intended for young people celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah but does not necessitate their celebrating the event at the Western Wall.

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Young Guides

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In honor of your Bar Mitzvah, give your family a special gift – a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels or the Chain of Generations Center, led by…you!

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