Bar Mitzvah FAQ

Q:  Who runs the ceremony? What qualifications does he have?

A: Our guides have all undergone careful selection, specialized training and qualification by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. All our guides are trained in leading prayers and in helping create a festive and joyful atmosphere. Our guides are familiar with the proper Torah reading װtropױ (notes) and can assist in the Torah reading as needed. In addition to helping run the ceremony, the guide will also assist you in all logistics such as finding a table in the Kotel area, bringing a Torah scroll and prayer books, and the like.

Q:  Can we incorporate personal greetings and comments into the ceremony?

A: Absolutely!! Personal greetings and blessings can be included in the ceremony with the help of your guide who will indicate to you the proper time and place for such by maintaining appropriate limitations of modesty as is warranted at this holy site.