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Bar Mitzvah FAQ

Q:  Is it customary to give a tip to the guide or a donation to the Foundation?

A: The Foundationױs guides work on salary and they are forbidden to accept tips. Any family interested in making a donation to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation is welcome to leave their donation at the Bar Mitzvah stand located at the entrance to the menױs prayer section.

Q:  Is there a limit to the number of people we can invite to attend our Bar Mitzvah celebration at the Kotel?

A: There is no limit to the number of people who can attend the ceremony at the Kotel. However, some of the tours and activities we offer are limited to a group of 35 people. If there are more people in the group, they can be divided into several groups.

Q:  What happens when we arrive at the Western Wall? Where do we meet the guide?

A: The Bar Mitzvah ceremonyױs stand is located immediately after the security check gate adjacent to Dung Gate. Two National Service volunteers are there whose job it is to introduce your group to the guide who will accompany you throughout the ceremony.

Q:  Can we photograph and video at the Western Wall?

A: Yes, videos and photographs can be taken at the Western Wall. There is also the option for the Western Wall Heritage Foundation to photograph the Bar Mitzvah boy and to upload his picture onto our website, with the familyױs approval, of course.

Q:  In what languages can the ceremony be conducted?

A: The guides of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation speak various languages, including English, Arabic, French and Spanish. If you would like the ceremony run in a language other than Hebrew, you must indicate your language of choice when you register for the ceremony. We will try, but cannot guarantee, to find you a guide in your requested language.