Bar Mitzvah FAQ

Q:  What happens when we arrive at the Western Wall? Where do we meet the guide? A: The Bar Mitzvah ceremonyױs stand is located immediately after
Q:  Can we photograph and video at the Western Wall? A: Yes, videos and photographs can be taken at the Western Wall. There is also the
Q:  In what languages can the ceremony be conducted? A: The guides of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation speak various languages, including English, Russian, French and
Q:  Who runs the ceremony? What qualifications does he have? A: Our guides have all undergone careful selection, specialized training and qualification by the Western Wall
Q:  Can we incorporate personal greetings and comments into the ceremony? A: Absolutely!! Personal greetings and blessings can be included in the ceremony with the help
Q: What do you suggest that we do before or after the ceremony? What tours or activities do you suggest? A: The Western Wall
Q:  What other services do you offer for the celebrating families? A: The Foundationױs Bar Mitzvah family package coordinator would be happy to assist you in
Q:  What souvenir does the Bar Mitzvah boy get after the ceremony? A: Every Bar Mitzvah boy receives a decorative certificate with his name and the
Q:  What do we need to bring with us for the ceremony? A: You should bring the tallit (prayer shawl) and tױfillin (phylacteries) you bought for
Q:  What is the procedure for bringing a Torah scroll to the Kotel? A: It is forbidden to bring a personal Torah scroll to the Kotel.

Shuttles on the day of the bar mitzvah

Guidelines for Behavior at the Western Wall

The Western Wall is a sacred site. Therefore, we request that you abide by the guidelines for behavior when visiting the Western Wall complex.

Young Guides

madricim tzerim

In honor of your Bar Mitzvah, give your family a special gift – a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels or the Chain of Generations Center, led by…you!


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