The Western Wall is a holy place of prayer and therefore it should be treated as such and all visitors, worshippers and persons present should be treated with dignity. For this purpose, several procedures have been written, which you will be able to find on the site:


  • Procedure of Rabbi Getz’s synagogue opposite the Holy of Holies
  • Donation of Tefillin to bar-mitzvah boys from disadvantaged families
  • Procedures for the ‘Behind Our Wall’ hall
  • Procedures for the Hasmonean room and the entry area to the Hasmonean room
  • Prayers and ceremonies in the Western Wall plaza – Procedures
  • Strauss Building roof procedure
  • Procedure for the Shaarei Teshuvah synagogue
  • Procedure for the use of musical instruments and shofars (ram’s horns) at the Western Wall
  • Procedure for entering the Western Wall plaza with animals
  • Procedures for the ‘Ohel Yitzhak’ synagogue
  • Procedure relating to persons authorized to use the mikveh (ritual bath)
  • Procedure for filming in the Western Wall plaza
  • Procedure for bringing Torah scrolls into the Western Wall plaza
  • Procedure for placing charity boxes in places that are holy to Jews, the purposes of the charity for which they are placed and the distribution thereof
  • Procedure for the entry of cars at Jaffa Gate at times when entry is restricted
  • Procedure for single entry of cars to the area marked at the south of the upper Western Wall plaza
The area is divided into a synagogue and a hall Procedures for the synagogue: Purposes of use: For prayer, Torah study, Torah lectures, unpaid
In the prayer plaza (the lower plaza), prayer events only will be held. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Western Wall Heritage Foundation
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Event Calendar

Hours of Operation

The Western Wall Prayer Plaza is open every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day

Young Guides

madricim tzerim

In honor of your Bar Mitzvah, give your family a special gift – a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels or the Chain of Generations Center, led by…you!


Guidelines for Behavior at the Western Wall

The Western Wall is a sacred site. Therefore, we request that you abide by the guidelines for behavior when visiting the Western Wall complex.

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