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Criteria for Tours at No Cost for Special Populations

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers free participation, once, in one of the Foundation’s activities for different groups. The free activity will be possible if the requester meets the following criteria and attaches the relevant documentation.


  1. New immigrants, for one year
  2. In times of emergency, for residents within firing or war zone; decisions made at that time
  3. Women and children from shelters for battered women
  4. Children and youth removed from their homes or defined as at-risk by a social worker
  5. Orphans (up to bar/bat mitzvah age) and widows, within a year of loss
  6. Cancer patients and families during period of hospitalization
  7. Victims of hostile acts
  8. Bereaved families
  9. IDF disabled veterans
  10. Special-needs populations

Relevant documentation to be attached:

  1. Personal letter detailing reason for request and how criteria are fulfilled
  2. Recommendation from official body or someone in relevant position

*This regulation is conditioned on donations for this activity.