Procedures for the ‘Behind Our Wall’ hall

Purposes of use


  1. The purpose of the hall is mainly educational, for the activity of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation only, such as the scribe project, classes and lectures.
  2. Events of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, such as for new Torah scrolls, housewarming or recognition of a donation, events for employees.
  3. An event for marketing, publication and support of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation’s operations.
  4. A private event of a donor who has donated more than $36,000 to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation’s activity, subject to payment of a sum of $4,000 for use of the hall.
  5. Events of a commercial or marketing nature will not take place at the Western Wall.
  6. Private events of employees of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will not take place on the site.


Rules of use


  1. The site is intended for the use of up to 300 people according to the safety rules.
  2. Event will take place only according to the spirit of the site, as appropriate for the remains of our Temple, the Western Wall.
  3. All the events will take place according to the rules of the Foundation, as appropriate for the site, such as kashrut, dress code, etc.
  4. A preliminary condition for the holding of an event – sending a program for the event at least five working days in advance, for the approval of the Foundation’s Ceremonies Committee, which is responsible for approving the holding of such an event, which may also approve it with changes that will be determined by it.
  5. To make arrangements, please complete the form.


You are requested to read the procedures carefully. By marking the box, you are confirming and undertaking that you have read and that you accept these procedures. This request does not constitute approval of your request, until receipt of signed approval from us.

Western Wall Cameras

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Hours of Operation

The Western Wall Prayer Plaza is open every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day


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