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Procedures for the ‘Ohel Yitzhak’ synagogue

The area is divided into a synagogue and a hall

Procedures for the synagogue:

Purposes of use:

  • For prayer, Torah study, Torah lectures
  • The synagogue is used as a place of study for service personnel of the Chief Rabbinate within the framework of the Beit Midrash LaHalacha (the Jewish Law Academy).
  • The synagogue is used as a place of prayer for the Ateret Cohanim yeshiva and the residents of the Old City on sabbaths.

Torah uses:

  • Torah study is open to anyone who wishes, at times when there is no other study, prayer or class.
  • Study and group classes are by prior arrangement,based on availability.
  • Prayer is for anyone who wishes, based on availability.

To make arrangements, based on availability, click here

Purpose of the hall:


  1. An event for the operations of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
  2. A personal event of a donor who donated more than 15,000NIS to the activity of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, subject to payment of a sum of 1,000NIS for use of the hall.
  3. No political events will be held on the site.
  4. Private events of the employees of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will be permitted (for children or grandchildren only).
  5. Private event for a resident of the Muslim Quarter who is also a regular worshipper of the synagogue.
  6. An event that was referred by donors of the synagogue, limited to 30 events per year.

Rules of use

  1. The place is intended for the following uses: in the synagogue – up to 100 people according to