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Donation of Tefillin for Students


A student who took part in one of the seminars that the Western Wall Heritage Foundation holds, who does not have a pair of Tefillin and is also unable to buy one, may submit a request for a donation of Tefillin through the Western Wall Heritage Foundation on a designated request form, provided that he attaches:

  1. A personal letter in which he gives details of the reason for the request and undertakes to use the Tefillin throughout the entire year.
  2. A recommendation from the director of the Jewish Identity Center or the instructor through whom he reached the activity of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
  3. A valid student card from a recognized educational institution.


For a request form, click here.



Procedure for Bringing Torah scrolls into the Western Wall Plaza


  1. Background
  • At the Western Wall, there are more than 100 Torah scrolls, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, for the use of worshippers. The cost of a Torah scroll ranges between $20,000 and $40,000. Because of the phenomenon of the theft of Torah scrolls in Israel, there is a concern regarding the theft of Torah scrolls from the Western Wall plaza.
  • Recently, attempts that are familiar from the past have restarted, where people bring in Torah scrolls for the purpose of holding religious ceremonies that are not according to the custom of the site in the Western Wall plaza, contrary to the ruling of the court in the case of HCJFH 4128/00 Director-General of the Prime Minister’s Office v. Hoffman. Against the aforesaid background, this procedure has been prescribed.


  1. Procedure
  • A Torah scroll may not be brought into the plaza, including the upper plaza, unless appr