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What is The Western Wall in jerusalem?

Measurements of the Western Wall (wailing wall)

The Western Wall (wailing wall) is 488 meters long.
In the past, the Western Wall rose to a height of 60 meters. Today, the highest point in the exposed section reaches a height of 40 meters above the bedrock of the eastern hill of Jerusalem (Mt. Moriah).
The section of the Western Wall (wailing wall) that is visible at the Prayer Plaza is comprised of 46 layers of stone. Twenty nine of these layers are exposed above ground and contain stones from different time periods. The remaining seventeen layers are subterranean. This above-ground section reaches a height of 19 meters. However, the height of this section from its foundation to its peak is estimated at approximately 32 meters.  

The Western Wall Plaza

Until the Six Day War (in 1967, when Jerusalem was liberated), the Western Wall (wailing wall) had no prayer plaza. There was just a narrow alleyway in the Muslim Mughrabi neighborhood – the Al-Buraq Alley, which was 28 meters long and only 3.6 meters wide. After the war and reunification of Jerusalem, the area was expanded. Today it is approximately 57 meters.
 The wailing wall Plaza officially serves as a synagogue.

The Courses (Stone Rows) of the Western Wall

The Western Wall is made of 45 courses of stone of which 28 are above ground and 17 rows are still underground under the wailing wall Plaza.  The top half of the Western Wall’s stone courses that rise up above the Prayer Plaza are from Muslim restoration.  The others are mostly original stones from the Second Temple period.  The entire height of the section of the Western Wall seen at the