Bar Mitzvah Production

The bar mitzvah ceremony is a significant milestone in the life of a maturing boy and that of his family. In Judaism, this is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, when the young boy takes on fulfilling commandments. The Western Wall, also known as the Kotel, is the most significant place at which to hold this event. The Kotel connects the participants with Jewish tradition, Israel, and our roots. The Kotel is one of the most sacred sites to the Jewish people and celebrating the event here adds a moving and significant dimension.
If you are considering celebrating your bar mitzvah at the Kotel, the right planning can make this an unforgettable memory. The Western Wall Heritage Foundation can help plan the Torah reading ceremony and bar mitzvah so that it runs smoothly and professionally.

בר מצווה


Modern bus to transport your guests back and forth

Breakfast bar

A light and delicious breakfast at the porch of the Western Wall Heritage Building.


Professional guide of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation to accompany and manage the event


Video and stills photography team will accompany you throughout the event to help you remember the event forever.

Musical Procession

A pair of musicians will accompany you with singing and dancing until the entrance to the Kotel Plaza.

Releasing Balloons

An exciting and colorful ceremony releasing helium balloons with a blessing for the bar mitzvah child

Quill of the Heart

A moving experience that includes writing on a scroll and bequeathing a tallit and tefillin to the bar mitzvah boy


Torah Ceremony

With rabbi/minstrel

We'd be happy to help you celebrate an unforgettable event

We know that each bar mitzvah is special, personal, spiritual, and deep for everyone involved. We also know that you have expectations, dreams, a budget, limitations, and your own idea of how you envision the perfect bar mitzvah at the Kotel. We are here to listen, to understand your needs and desires, and to offer an array of options for your dream event. Our years of experience and attention to detail will help us bring your concept to fruition with everything waiting for you exactly as you had planned. All you have to do is arrive, celebrate, enjoy, and accompany your bar mitzvah boy as he takes his first steps as a young man. Have a wonderful day with those close to you – in an event that is professionally planned.

Drum Procession

Dear Family, Thank you for your interest in a procession of drums, a chuppah, and shofars for your child’s bar mitzvah. Our drummers have been providing an unforgettable and moving experience for close to a decade. The team includes two drummers dressed in traditional white garb with two drums, two shofars, and a chuppah. You can also exchange a drummer with a clarinet or saxophone player at no cost, or integrate other musical instruments for an additional charge. There are two options for the procession: From Dung Gate to the Western Wall Meet the drummers at Dung Gate (adjacent to the Western Wall). The procession is approximately 25 minutes long. The team will meet you as you get off the bus and walk with you for an exciting and joyous procession accompanied by shofar blowing, singing, and dancing until the security check at the entrance to the Western Wall Plaza. Cost of procession from Dung Gate – 800 NIS Addition of 50 colorful helium balloons launched into the sky – 400 NIS

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Western Wall Cameras

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Watch the Western Wall in real-time


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