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The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers free participation, once, in one of the Foundation’s activities for different groups. The free activity will be possible
The area is divided into a synagogue and a hall Procedures for the synagogue: Purposes of use: For prayer, Torah study, Torah lectures The
The Western Wall Heritage Foundation is available for any question, suggestion, or request. Interested in celebrating a bar/bat mitzvah at the Kotel? Want to
Join thousands of pilgrims who come up to Jerusalem every year, and come to the Western Wall – the remnant of our Temple and
Criteria: A student who took part in one of the seminars that the Western Wall Heritage Foundation holds, who does not have a pair
“The Western Wall Heritage Foundation” is a governmental body established by the Ministry of Religion in 5748 (1988) to cultivate, develop and preserve the
“Upsherin – Chalakeh” (haircutting) Ceremony New at The Western Wall- the Upsherin ceremony: A family celebration marking a three-year-old boy’s first haircutThe Western Wall
Refrain from eating Refrain from smoking הימנע מלהדליק נרות אייקונים לנהלים באתר_2 Refrain from lighting candles Dress appropriately Torah scrolls may not be brought
טוען עוד
הכל כאן

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The Western Wall Prayer Plaza is open every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day

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madricim tzerim

In honor of your Bar Mitzvah, give your family a special gift – a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels or the Chain of Generations Center, led by…you!


Guidelines for Behavior at the Western Wall

The Western Wall is a sacred site. Therefore, we request that you abide by the guidelines for behavior when visiting the Western Wall complex.

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