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Accessibility Statement


The Western Wall Heritage Foundation sees making the Western Wall Plaza and the Western Wall Tunnels sites accessible to the entire public as very important. It is happy to offer solutions as well as easy and convenient service also to those with special needs. We continuously work on improving the accessibility of the site as part of our commitment to allow its use for the entire population.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation makes its sites accessible in accordance with the law in a way that makes them available, easy-to-use, clear, and convenient for people with physical and mobile limitations, sensory impairments, cognitive limitations, and others.

We aim to adhere as strictly as possible to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at the AA level.

Accessibility is a process meant to improve the Western Wall Heritage Foundation site so that it is available, convenient and user-friendly for people with physical, sensory, cognitive or other limitations.

Physical Accessibility:

Accessible Approach

Public Transportation

Arrival is possible on bus lines 1, 2, 3, and 38 and by taxi.

Light Rail

One can use the light rail and get off at Safra Square and come to the Kotel from there by bus line 2 or taxi.

Private car

One can arrive by private car. For the complete regulations – click here.

The Western Wall Plaza can be entered from the closest entrance to Dung Gate.

The accessible roads leading to the Kotel and inside the Western Wall Tunnels and sites are accessible according to the details above.

Western Wall Tunnels sites:

A Look into The Past – Accessible for up to 5 wheelchairs simultaneously
The Journey to Jerusalem – In accordance with safety regulations, this site is not safe for wheelchair passage, and therefore is not accessible.
The Chain of Generations – Accessible for up to 2 wheelchairs per tour

Western Wall Tunnels

The Great Stone Tour – The route is partially accessible, including reaching the great stone station.
For organized groups – An accessible route can be arranged, limited to 5 wheelchairs per group.

* Coming to the tour with a wheelchair must be arranged in advance. Otherwise, entrance will be based on the availability of the partially-accessible route.
** Borrowing wheelchairs necessitates leaving a photo ID

The Great Bridge route – In accordance with safety regulations, this site is not safe for wheelchair passage, and therefore is not accessible.

* Arrival for a tour with a wheelchair must be arranged in advance. If it isn’t, entrance is based on availability for the partially-accessible route.

** The lifts are inspected every morning. If there is a problem due to the humidity in the sites, it will be dealt with by the professional staff as quickly as possible.

Accessibility Responsibility

Despite our attempts to make the entire site accessible, there could be pages, systems, files, or components that were not made accessible in the best way possible.

If you have encountered a problem relating to accessibility, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as we can.

To make a report on the Contact Us form on our site, click here.

To leave a message for the Accessibility Coordinator, Tamar Marciano: 052-6661293

To email: [email protected]

To speak to a representative during working hours, call *5958


Accessibility means on the site

You can use the site using TTS – Text to Speech which assists in converting written texts to audio.

You can use the site using the TAB button and make choices by hitting ENTER.

You can skip directly to main sections on the site. This option can be done hitting TAB on any page on the site.

Photos on the site that are not atmosphere photos include written descriptions of what can be seen in them.

The site also includes a search engine for direct search of content.

As part of the site’s design, contrasting colors were used to facilitate reading for people with vision limitations.

Moving or flashing components on the site can be stopped.

Browsers, content, and site structure

Standardization – The site is supported by standardized browsers and is adapted for use on cell phones.

Content – The content on the site is written simply, clearly, and lucidly.

Structure – The site is designed for easy and clear navigation with a menu that allows for easy and quick orientation.





Western Wall Cameras

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Watch the Western Wall in real-time