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Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Preparation for the Bat Mitzvah ceremony includes personal and/or group meetings to prepare for the Bat Mitzvah year, which culminates in the young woman’s reaching the age of observance of commandments. The program combines religious values and traditions with personal and social values and is designed personally for the Bat Mitzvah girl and her family.
This program is currently in its pilot stages and will be offered to the public within the coming months.

הכנה לבת מצווה

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Guidelines for Behavior at the Western Wall

The Western Wall is a sacred site. Therefore, we request that you abide by the guidelines for behavior when visiting the Western Wall complex.


Light in the Heart

This special program for a festive family celebration at the Kotel focuses on light and giving.

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Young Guides

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers a unique opportunity to Bat Mitzvah girls to lead a tour for their families in one of two Western Wall sites – the Tunnels or the Chain of Generations Center.

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