“The Light in The Heart” – A Family Ceremony – including preparation of candlesticks and a special inscription for a Holocaust survivor

This special program for a festive family celebration at the Kotel focuses on light and giving.
The program includes having the family and guests gather in one of the stunning halls in the Western Wall Tunnels for a private and unique ceremony.
The Light in The Heart ceremony includes lighting candles in ancient candlesticks and creating decorated glass candlesticks, one of which will be dedicated by the bat mitzvah girl to a Holocaust survivor who was not able to celebrate her own bat mitzvah in her youth. The event creates a real connection to the Jewish nation’s chain of generations and to the quickly-disappearing generation of Holocaust survivors. We invite you to take part in this ideological and important project which integrates handiwork and kindness.

Following this, we will continue to the main ceremony at the Kotel.
The cost of The Light in The Heart ceremony is 650 NIS. The price includes a bat mitzvah necklace and glass candlesticks to be decorated during the event.

*Due to construction in the Tunnels, unfortunately the halls used by the project (Achar Kotleinu / Ohel Yitzhak / Hashmonaim) currently are not wheechair accessible and may not be suitable for people who have difficulty walking. We apologize for the inconveniance.