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From the Tent of Torah to the Battlefront – The Incomprehensible Journey of Amihai Weitzman

Riveting: How did the transition from such vastly different worlds occur? What prices did he pay in defending his family and home? His tragic story and the heroism within it.

Amichai was born and raised in his youth in Psagot. Later, he studied and was educated at the Alon Moreh Yeshiva and the Har HaMor Yeshiva.
During his military service, he married Talia, and together they had 5 children.
After his release from the army, Amichai and his wife moved to Kerem Shalom in the Gaza Envelope, where he worked in social work, worked with youth in agricultural education in the yeshiva program, and was very connected to youth education and development of the land.

His wife recounts that Amichai drew inspiration from his love for Torah study. For years, he came every Thursday from Kerem Shalom to Jerusalem to study with his friends and father. He often visited the Western Wall and even brought friends from the kibbutz for a tour and prayer at the Wall as he felt a special mission to connect the people of Israel to the roots of generations and to Jerusalem, and to draw strength from previous generations to continue their vision for the future. In addition to his frequent visits to the Wall, Amichai used to come with his family every year to the Western Wall to thank G-d for the miracle that happened to them 5 years ago when their house in Jerusalem was burned down and they miraculously survived.

On the seventh of October, Amichai went out to fight as a member of the kibbutz “kitat konenut” defense team against the terrorists who infiltrated the kibbutz, while during the gunfire battles outside, his wife and children hid in the safe room in their home. Throughout the long hours of fighting the terrorists, he kept strengthening his wife and children by telling them: “Israel will never be defeated!”

After long hours of battling Hamas terrorists, Amichai was murdered, sanctifying G-d’s name. At the age of 33, he fell, leaving behind parents, 7 brothers and sisters, a wife, and five children.
May his memory be a blessing.

Israel Amichai Vitzan, HY”D
Born: 20th of Nissan, 5750 (April 15, 1990)
Fell: 22nd of Tishrei, 5784 (October 7, 2023)

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