Getting Organized for the Upcoming Shabbat at the Western Wall

Getting Organized for the Upcoming Shabbat at the Western Wall

We are happy to report that this week, many worshippers returned to pray at the Western Wall, in accordance with the Israeli governments decision and the cancellation of the restriction of praying only 500 meters from ones place of residence.


The Western Wall Heritage Foundation is organizing the Western Wall Plaza in preparation for the arrival of worshippers this coming Shabbat.  Last night, prayer areas were added to the upper plaza in addition to the prayer areas that had already been set up in the prayer plaza this week.


As of this Shabbat and the upcoming days  the updated allowance is for up to 500 worshippers at the Western Wall simultaneously.  
If the prayer areas that have been cordoned off will all become full, worshippers will be requested to wait outside of the entrances to the Western Wall until space becomes available.


Entrance to the Western Wall on weekdays is contingent on wearing a mask and having temperature taken prior to entering.


Today May 19, 2022

End of prayer time:
Mid day:
הכותל המערבי

We invite you to be a true partner and assist in the ongoing maintenance of the Western Wall


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Interesting Facts

The Western Wall Plaza hosts approximately 60,000 people. It symbolizes the Jewish link to Jerusalem and serves as the synagogue closest to the remains of both Holy Temples.
The Western Wall's visible stones tell of its history from the time of the Holy Temples' ruin. The original Herodian stones are distinct from the others in size and in their unique borders.
The building style of "grading" used when layering the Western Wall's stones, teaches us that the Temple Mount's walls were not perpendicular but marginally sloping.

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Notice for Women's Section in Tunnels

The women's section in the Western Wall Tunnels closes on Fridays at 13:00 and opens again about 15 minutes before Shabbat begins.

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