Question: I am interested in holding my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration at the Western Wall. What do you have to offer?

Answer: The Western Wall Heritage Foundation invites any Bat Mitzvah girl to celebrate her special day at an event at the Western Wall together with her family. We offer two types of ceremonies:

  1. A 30-minute ceremony, which includes meeting with a Bat Mitzvah ‘guide.’ This event takes place at the Western Wall Plaza and in the women’s prayer section of the Western Wall. It is offered free of charge.
  2. A one hour ceremony,which is held in one of the halls in the Western Wall Tunnels. This event includes candle-lighting and a special workshop where glass candlesticks are decorated. During the ceremony the Bat Mitzvah girl is given a necklace with a unique medallion and recites the “She’he’cheyanu” blessing. There is a fee for this ceremony-please contact us for further information.
    At the conclusion of both types of ceremonies, the Bat Mitzvah receives a beautiful certificate commemorating the event.