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The President took an interest in the history of the site and in the history of the Jewish…
“I was born anew, Am Yisrael Chai.” Bar/Bat Mitzvah for Holocaust survivors at the Western Wall International Holocaust…
  The Deputy Prime minister of Albania and the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Ms. Belinda Balluku, came…
Incoming IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt-Gen Herzi Halevi, and outgoing Chief of Staff, Lt-Gen Aviv Kohavi came…
Only days after being sworn-in as governor of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis sent a note to be placed…

The Western Wall

We all know that the Western Wall, the Kotel, is a sacred site for the Jewish nation. As part of the Temple Mount’s retaining wall, it is a remnant of our Temple. Jews from around the world gather here to pray.
People write notes to G-d and place them between the ancient stones of the Wall…

בכותל המערבי

Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation invites you to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel, in a unique atmosphere of unity and holiness, and at no charge.
בר מצווה


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Guidelines for Behavior at the Western Wall

The Western Wall is a sacred site. Therefore, we request that you abide by the guidelines for behavior when visiting the Western Wall complex.

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Interesting Facts

The Western Wall's visible stones tell of its history from the time of the Holy Temples' ruin. The original Herodian stones are distinct from the others in size and in their unique borders.
The building style of "grading" used when layering the Western Wall's stones, teaches us that the Temple Mount's walls were not perpendicular but marginally sloping.

Bat Mitzvah

בת מצווה

Bat Mitzvah celebration is a special occasion for girls and their families

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הכותל המערבי

We invite you to be a true partner and assist in the ongoing maintenance of the Western Wall


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